Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

If you have a pool that's beginning to show its age, a remodel project from Purselley could be just the thing to restore its former glory...  and make it even better! 

We'll fix it....


Remodeling your pool not only allows you to update your veneers like tile, coping, and plaster, but I also allows you the opportunity to make additional improvements to the pool that were overlooked during original construction like adding a skimmer or adding extra return lines.

With over 2 decades of experience, we will take a look at your project and be able to show you immediately where you can add extra value to your remodel project. Many times we are able to correct underlying issues with the pool that won’t resurface once we correct them. And of course all of our work comes with a material and workmanship guarantee!

Amanda Wood

Fort Worth

We had our pool remodel priced by multiple companies over the course of an entire year before finally choosing Purselley and are so glad we did! They did an amazing job putting in long hours and even working holidays to get our job done on time. We are thrilled with the outcome. 

Plaster Problems

The primary function of the swimming pool plaster is to seal up the pool and prevent it from leaking in and around all the cold joints like lights, jets, drains, and skimmers. A second function of the swimming pool plaster is to protect the concrete shell of your pool from water/moisture infiltrating the shell, oxidizing the steel, and eroding the shell. A final function of the swimming pool plaster is to make your pool look cosmetically beautiful. When we are called on by customers to replaster the pool we encourage the use of a colored aggregate plaster finish called stone scapes and we use a mini or small aggregate pebble. When properly maintaining your total alkalinity and calcium levels of your pool water, these finishes will outlast most all plaster finishes on the market and their sheer beauty is astounding. The colors we recommend are tahoe blue, midnight blue, and black pearl.

Tile & Coping

When a swimming pool is built, the main beam or bond beam of the pool is exposed so it needs a veneer on the water side of the beam to seal the waterline and it needs a veneer on the top of the beam to seal the beam off from the elements. On the waterline a porcelain or glass tile is used and on the top of the beam a brick or natural stone is used-the brick or stone veneer is referred to as the pools “coping”. As pools age, the brick or stone coping begins separating from the mortar bed that sticks it to the beam and the stone or brick also begins to crack or deteriorate. The same thing happens with tile-you will begin to see tile fall off, and or you begin to see a crack beginning to form vertically and sometimes horizontally along the tile line. When this happens, it is best to replace the brick or stone coping and the tile. There are several options to choose from but most coping options are determined by the thickness of your existing coping and most tile options are based on the contour of your pool. We can help you determine if you need to replace the tile and coping and provide you with a free estimate for replacement and we can make suggestions to you on which veneers to use that will get you the most beauty and durability for your buck.


Choosing the right pool deck is important but making sure the deck is installed correctly is more important. Many pool decks wear out too soon because proper measures were not taken to help them last a long time. Granted, we live in north texas so I am not talking about the subtle hair line cracks that are common to even the best decks. Proper measure means making sure that the existing landscape has a drainage strategy and system in place to carry the rainwater away from the pool and not though the pool. Proper measure also means adequate steel, cushion sand, and piers to help increase strength and support the foundations over time from gravity and ground movement. There are many deck materials to choose from and they include washed/hand seeded aggregate, sundek, natural stone deck, salt finish, stamped or patterned concrete, and stained concrete pool decks. We can look at your current deck and advise you on the deck replacement process and show you the best options and we will provide you a free replacement estimate.

Equipment Repair

Choosing the right pool equipment means using the best brand and it also means making sure that you select the proper size equipment. If you are having problems with a piece of equipment, let us know and we will provide you with a free estimate. Whether you need your equipment removed and reinstalled on a new custom poured equipment pad or whether you are wanting to completely replace and upgrade your current equipment, we can help you. Our service department specializes in making sure equipment is resting on a good, thick equipment pad, in equipment selection and rating, and in automating equipment so that it runs and operates on its own run times and you can control it from a remote control, a touch pad in your home, or strictly from your cell phone. We can repair or replace one single piece of equipment or several pieces-either way we are happy to help you. Bear in mind, if you purchase 3 pieces of equipment from us at one time and have us install it, then we give you a 3-year parts and labor warranty on that equipment. Give us a call today and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Feature Upgrades

Sometimes a pool is missing something ….or it needs a wow-factor and many times a water feature is the best choice. If you are not careful when you build a water feature, they will leak and that can create many issues besides the obvious issue of frustration and regret. Give us a call if you are looking to build a water feature. Many times water features cannot be added unless the pool deck is being removed and the pool is going to be replastered because you have to be able to run the plumbing to the water feature (the water lines) and you have to be able to take water from the pool in order to run them (the suction lines). The best water features fully enclose the water from start to finish and the best water features are the sheer decent that are made of PVC material and these water features are inlaid in stone or brick on raised walls so they almost never leak. Give us a call today to see if your pool qualifies for a water feature and will show you the best method and materials for your project.

Not Only Will We Remodel Your Pool, 
But We'll Warranty It

Our new swimming pools carry a 3-year warranty on the shell, our pools have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials, and we have 3-year parts and labor on our pool equipment. Each new pool we build comes with 60 days of free weekly swimming pool service that includes chemicals.

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