New Pool Design & Construction

No one beats the quality of a Purselley Pool, and with 20 years in Dallas/Fort Worth, we have the experience to back it up

Every Detail....


Your new pool is your backyard oasis.  Purselley Pool & Spa takes all the worry and anxiety away from the planning and building process so all you have to do is enjoy.

Site & Soil Test
Pool Foundation Piers
Landscape Irrigation & Drainage
Engineered 3D Renderings
Clean, Pre-Grade & Grading
Retainer walls
Landscape Design & Implementation
Contemporary & Free Form/Lagoon Pools
LED Pool, Spa, & Landscape Lighting
Multiple Deck Surface Options
Automated/Remote Controlled Pools
Outdoor Audio & Video Capabilities
Outdoor Kitchens & Cabanas
Water Features
Multiple Tile Options
Multiple Stone Options
Hot Tubs with Hydrotherapy
...and much more that can go into your backyard Dream!

Donnie Siratt

Fort Worth

Purselley Pool and Spa built our pool about a year ago and it has completely changed our house and back yard for the better. Baron was great to work with and, most importantly, he started and completed the project right on time, which is rarely the case with construction projects – especially pools. We couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

Our Process...

...from beginning to Ahhhhh



We will gather all the elements that go into the design and build phases of your new pool. Soil, drainage, grade elevations, and more will be carefully reviewed so that the highest level of quality and durability is achieved in the construction process. 



Considering the structure,  mechanical, and  cosmetics of the pool, we will bring you a full-color, 3-dimensional digital model so that you will be able to see exactly what your pool will look like in the context of your home and yard.


Site Plan

The detailed site and construction plan spells out each dimension and material that will be used to construct your pool. From depths, steel size, wall and floor thickness, and more, this will be our roadmap for successfully completing your pool.



The build starts with pre-site improvements and moves to getting the structure formed, steeled, plumbed and shot - including  installation of veneers, equipment & deck. Finally, we'll fill the pool and carefully start it up.



A final inspection often includes cleaning, grading, new grass, re-installing fences, updates to irrigation, and sealing any natural stone and caulking expansion joints. In the end we will deliver you a pool that you are 100% satisfied with!

Not Only Will We Build Your Pool,
But We'll Warranty It

Our new swimming pools carry a 3-year warranty on the shell, our pools have a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials, and we have 3-year parts and labor on our pool equipment. Each new pool we build comes with 60 days of free weekly swimming pool service that includes chemicals.

Ready To Dive In?