We fix all underlying problems with the pool. There comes a time with most pool owners when they have to remodel their pool. This remodel could involve any of the main areas of the pool, such as:

  • The plaster on the inside of the pool and/or (if present) the liner.
  • Tile and coping can crack or have other issues that need addressing in a pool remodel.
  • Various pieces of equipment may need replacing or repairing to function correctly once again.
  • The decking surrounding the pool could become an issue causing a redevelopment of the area.

The main reason for remodeling any pool is to fix underlying problems with the pool. Many times these instances occur as a result of mistakes in the original construction. Purselley’s pool remodel experience is second to none in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We have over 15 years under our belt in the pool industry and at least 10 of those years have been filled with pool remodeling projects.

Our pool remodeling experience helps us to spot the real problem areas that need addressing. Because of this, we’ve been driven to develop ways of preventing these issues to arise again following the remodeling process. We sincerely want you to enjoy your pool and will take the right measures to ensure that you are able to do so without major remodeling issues happening constantly.

Our staff at Purselley Pool & Spa Service provide the Dallas Fort Worth area with expert pool service and have done so since 1999. We have the proper insurance and license to operate in these areas. Any work we do on your pool comes with a guarantee. We accept al major credit cards for payment.

Whether you are ready to begin the pool remodel process today or you’d just like to speak with someone for educational purposes, we’d love to talk. Please fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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