The most effective measures for installation of any equipment.  There are so many parts to your pool that require regular maintenance.  The water must be clean and sanitary at all times for people to enjoy it.  Various pieces of equipment must operate smoothly to keep the water circulating and filtering.  This all improves the swimmer’s experience.  However, you will need to stay on top of all this or your pool and water will fall into ill condition.  This is where Dallas Fort Worth’s most trusted pool company comes in to play.  This service helps maintain your pool water and equipment so you are freer to enjoy your pool.  Purselley Pool & Spa provides the following:

Repair Services
Only master technicians perform the following repairs on our pools

  • Equipment repairs
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Equipment replacements
  • Seasonal start-ups
  • One time cleaning
  • Acid washes
  • Deckoseal replacements
  • Drain and clean
  • Custom pool design
  • One-time cleanup
  • Renovations
  • Minor and major plumbing repairs
  • Leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Stone sealing
  • Stone cleaning
  • Minor and major electrical repairs
  • Gas lines
  • Equipment Pads

Our insured and licensed repair technicians only use quality parts from reputable manufacturers that provide excellent warranties.  They use the most effective measures for installation of any equipment.  We provide you with a highly experienced staff whose main goal is to satisfy your pool repair needs 100 percent!  This is our guarantee to you.

Services for Weekly Cleaning
Pool water needs to be clear and clean.  Water that is cloudy is not healthy for people to swim in at any pool.  We provide the following pool services to help provide you with clean pool water:

  • Annual maintenance plan includes one full-service cleaning and weekly chemicals (including chlorine, salt, DE and acid).  This plan starts at $47.50 each week.
  • Pool Protection Plan™ is for preventative maintenance.  We perform this service once at the start of the swim season and then again at the end of the season.  The cost is only $249 per year and includes 2 Polaris checkups, 2 filter cleans, 2 corrosive/freshwater tests, and 2 seventy-five-point inspections on a yearly basis.

Contact us for further information today.  Remember, with the right pool service, you will always be ready for a swim!  Find out why we’re Dallas and Fort Worth’s most trusted pool company.

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